10 Best & Worst Subaru Outback Years 【Updated 2024】

We have compiled a list of models that you need to avoid if you don’t want to deal with the problems of the Subaru Outback. This list has been made after carefully testing the reliability of each generation by the year of the Subaru Outback.

We have also compared it with other models of the same car or of the same company such as Subaru Outback reliability, 2024 Subaru Outback problems, and used Subaru Outback. You can find out the most reliable year/model of Subaru Outback below:

Subaru Outback’s Years to Avoid

You need to avoid Subaru Outback Year Models 2013,2015, and 2018. There have been a lot of issues reported within these models, and we recommend avoiding them at all costs. Otherwise, you can face a lot of issues.

Subaru Outback’s Best Years

The best and most reliable years for Subaru Outback are 2014,2016,2020, and 2022. These models are considered to give you the least amount of headaches and have very high consumer ratings.

Subaru Outback Faults by Year

YearsNumber of Faults

Is 2013 a Good Year for Subaru Outback?

There have been some complaints about the 2013 Subaru Outback’s excessive oil use and engine failure. These problems can be serious and expensive to fix. It’s important to remember that not all 2013 Outbacks will have these issues, and many owners have had good luck with their 2013 Outback.

Before making a purchasing decision, it is advised to do extensive research on the maintenance history and condition of the particular car.

How Many Years Will a Subaru Outback Last?

With proper care and routine maintenance, a well-kept Subaru Outback may often survive for well over 200,000 miles or more. A lot of owners say their Outback last ten years or longer. However, a vehicle’s real lifespan can vary based on things like road conditions, maintenance routines, and individual usage. A Subaru Outback’s lifespan can be increased by doing routine maintenance, resolving problems as soon as they arise, and scheduling regular servicing.

Is Subaru Outback Fuel Efficient?

A Subaru Outback’s fuel economy might vary depending on the engine selected, the road’s conditions, and the driver’s personal driving habits. Comparing the Outback to other similar-sized cars in its class, it generally offers reasonable fuel efficiency.

The newest vehicles typically offer better fuel efficiency, particularly those with continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and more effective engines. It’s always a good idea to look out the precise fuel efficiency statistics for the model and engine combination you’re considering.

Jake Mayock