1342 Firing Order [With Diagram]

If you want to transfer more power with a minimum loss of energy, 1342 is the best firing order for the 4-cylinder engines. The sequence of the power transmitting of every cylinder in multi-cylinder engines is called firing order. The spark plug is used on every cylinder to produce a spark to start the ignition in 4-stroke firing sequence engines.

The 1342 firing order gives stability to the engine during the power stroke. 4-cylinder firing order plays a very important role in any multi-cylinder engine in maintaining its balance, reducing its vibrations, and regulating the power flow. The v4 firing order depends on the engine design and the number of cylinders used in this specific engine.

Firing Order of 4-Cylinder Engine

The firing Order for is 1342

Explanation of 1342 firing order

1342 is the most commonly used firing order for inline four-cylinder engines. This firing order increases the balance of an engine and decreases the twisting force on the crankshaft. The load is equally distributed on the crankshaft due to this 4-stroke firing sequence. The crankshaft takes two rotations to complete its four strokes in 4 stroke engines.

In this order, the even spark plug firing is completed in every 180 degrees rotation of the crankshaft. To understand this firing order in a better way, you can easily download the firing order of 4-cylinder engine pdf diagrams. The firing order shows the number 1 cylinder moving upward and igniting first, and then ignition occurs in the number 3 cylinder to maintain the balance and cooling in the engine.

After the rotation of the crankshaft number 2 cylinder moves upward, the spark plug generates a spark for ignition, and the number 4 cylinder is fired at the end. In this way, the 4-cylinder engine completes its firing order. It is important to watch 4 cylinders firing order animation completely to know the principal and workings of 4 cylinder engine.

The firing order applies to

  • Honda T360
  • Alfa twin
  • BMW A series
  • Subaru 1000

Torque Specifications

Main cap bolts95-105 ft-lbs
Connecting rod bolts40-45 ft-lbs.
Cylinder head bolts90-100 ft-lbs
Rocker arms17-23 ft-lbs.
Intake manifold bolts23-25 ft-lbs
Oil pump bolts23-28 ft-lbs
Cam bolts40-45 ft-lbs.
Cam thrust plate bolts8-10 ft-lbs
Harmonic damper bolt70-90 ft-lbs

Why is the firing order 1234, not used?

The firing order 1-2-3-4 is not used in engine cylinders because it could break or deform the crankshaft and create disorder in rotation. If the firing order occurs in sequence like 1234, this also creates excessive heat and irregular power flow. So the manufacturers design 1342 orders for 4-cylinder engines to solve this problem.

How to know the firing order of an engine?

You can find the firing order through the engine’s numbering or label and also from wire routing. You can get help from the firing order of 4-cylinder engine pdf drawings and designs to determine the firing order.

How to control the firing order?

Ignition systems control engine firing order. This system provides the specific spark for ignition to the particular cylinder at an exact time. An engine has a distributor that controls the spark in each spark plug.

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Firing orders for similar vehicles

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