390 FE Firing Order (Big Block) [With Diagram]

You can check out the firing order for 390 FE written below. We have included the firing orders of other similar engines as well including the Ford 390 and Ford F-150, Mustang.

Note that this sequence has been tested for the 390 FE by our team. This firing order will help you set the correct sequence of ignition so you face no problems in the future.

390 FE Firing Order

  • Firing Order for 390 FE is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8.

390 FE Firing Order Diagram

A Ford 390 FE (Ford-Edsel) engine fires in the following order: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. The sequence in which the cylinders ignite throughout the combustion process is specified by this firing order. The firing order goes from cylinder 1 to cylinders 5, 4, 2, 6, 3, 7, and then cylinder 8.

For accurate spark plug installation, ignition timing changes, and proper engine functioning, this firing order is essential. To guarantee optimum performance and prevent engine problems, it is crucial to adhere to the proper firing order. It is advised to check a service manual or the engine manufacturer’s documentation before performing any engine-related work on the Ford 390 FE engine.

Firing Order Applies To

The 390 FE firing order applies to Ford, such as:

  • Ford Thunderbird
  • Ford Galaxie
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Fairlane
  • Ford F-Series trucks (e.g., F-100, F-250)

Torque Specifications

Vehicle NameHorsepower/RPM Torque/RPM
Ford Thunderbird252 @ 6100 rpm267 @ 4300 rpm
Ford Explorer310@5,500 rpm350@3,000 rpm
Toyota Tundra381@5,600 rpm401@3,600 rpm

What is the Stroke of a 390 FE?

A Ford 390 FE (Ford-Edsel) engine has a 3.78-inch (96-mm) stroke. The piston’s path from the top dead centre (TDC) to the bottom dead centre (BDC) within the cylinder is referred to as the stroke. The 3.78-inch stroke contributes to the overall displacement and performance attributes of Ford’s high-displacement 390 FE engine.

What is the Compression Ratio of the 390 FE?

Depending on the model and year, the Ford 390 FE (Ford-Edsel) engine’s compression ratio might change. For the 390 FE engine, however, a typical compression ratio is close to 10.5:1. The volume of the cylinder when the piston is at the bottom dead centre (BDC) is divided by the volume when the piston is at the top dead centre (TDC) is known as the compression ratio.

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How Many Liters is a 390 Ford Engine?

The Ford 390 engine has a 6.4-litre displacement. The total volume swept by all of the pistons in the cylinders is referred to as the engine’s displacement. With eight total cylinders and a 0.426-litre displacement per cylinder in the Ford 390, the engine has a total displacement of 6.4 litres or 390 cubic inches.

Engines with Similar Firing Orders

  • Ford F-150
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra
  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Toyota Tundra

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