Audi Q5 Tire Pressure [PSI]

In 2008, German premium carmaker Audi introduced the Q5, a tiny premium multipurpose SUV. In addition to the Audi A5 and the fourth-generation A4, the initial first-generation version was the second B8 familial member to be launched, depending on the Audi MLB architecture. Q5’s second iteration arrived in 2016 and combines the Audi MLB Evolution architecture with the B9 variants of the A4 and A5.

This has been a two-door adjustable notion car for the then-upcoming Q5, which had a 3.0 TDI power unit, hardtop adjustable perpetual four-wheel drive, an 8-speed fully automated transmitting, Brass Sunset bodywork, Fog lamps, 265/35R21 tires, seats upholstered in White Rock cowhide, MMI, 505W Knock & Olufsen speaker scheme and online broadcast, and 380/356 mm front/rear earthenware brake discs.

CDC dampers and powered ride elevation modification were also included. There is also an q5 tire pressure monitoring system that tells about the tire pressure in each tire.

What PSI is recommended by Audi for the Q5?

Audi recommends driving your Q5 with a front tire pressure of 32-35 PSI and rear tire pressure of 35-38 PSI. On the other extreme, if you’re driving on underinflated tires, calamity might strike at any moment and any pace. There are a few points to know and basic regulations to observe so that your tires are in great operating condition and you arrive at your destination securely.

2020 Q5 tire pressure 

Tire size  Front tire pressure  Rear tire pressure 
235/55R19 101H 33 psi 36 psi
235/60R18 103H 35 psi 38 psi
255/45R20 101H 32 – 33 psi 35 – 36 psi

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2021 Q5 tire pressure 

Tire size  Front tire pressure  Rear tire pressure 
235/55R19 101H 33 psi 36 psi
235/60R18 103H 35 psi 38 psi
255/45R20 101H 32 – 33 psi 35 – 36 psi

How to reset the TPMS of Q5 using the touchpad and touchscreen?


Activate the power button, but don’t start the vehicle yet! Click the START-STOP Motor key immediately before pressing the braking lever if your car has one. To go to the primary list, just click the Mode option on the MMI interface.

The central console has a push button. Select CAR  from the drop-down menus. MMI navigation buttons may be pressed to browse through and pick a selection. Choose what you’ve found, check and maintenance. The menu panel may be cycled by pressing the left controller click, selecting “TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING” from the drop-down menu, and the screen will show a notification.

Choose STORE Fluid Levels PRESSURE from the drop-down menu. You’ll get a validation notice on your screen when you submit the form. To perform a TPMS reset, choose YES. Done! The touchpad makes it very easy for the 2018 Audi Q5 tire pressure to reset.

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If you haven’t done so before, ensure you’ve checked and corrected your tire pressure as per the tire label. Select the Vehicular or CAR option on the MMI panel from the Start menu.

  • Make your selections under the Setup AND SERVICE section
  • Tire Pressure Management may be turned on.
  • Choose STORE TIRE PRESSURE from the drop-down menu.
  • To perform a TPMS reset, choose YES.

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