15 Best Nerdy & Geeky Cars of 2023 [Ideas & Images]

Nerdy cars

The phrase “nerd cars” refers to automobiles that have a terrible aesthetic, an outdated layout, or an uninteresting design, yet when put through a trial, they operate extremely well. This phrase was created by extensively connecting to nerd students in the school who may not look the part but do the best.

You may roll your eyes at the tired narrative all you want, but you can’t deny the fact that we are most definitely residing in the time of the nerds’ vengeance. The present world pertains less to the jocks who wore letterman windbreakers and more to the nerds who were once shoved into closets.

It’s very much the same story in the realm of automobiles, where the vehicle equivalents of braces and headgear have all of a sudden become the center of attention. These awkward ducklings are all of a sudden flapping their wings like swans after going through several years of puberty with acne-covered faces.

The so-called “nerd automobiles,” also known as the automotive animals with the most repulsive appearance, saw an increase in value despite their repulsive appearance. In this article, many nerdy car names will be mentioned. Then these nerdy cars will be analyzed to see why they have grown in value.

Nerdy & Geeky Cars Ideas

Every Volvo Car

People who drive about sporting collared shirts with suede elbow patches have been associated with Volvo for as far as anybody can recall. Volvo is the authorized maker of these jackets. Volvos: they’re bulky, but they’re excellent with a protection reputation, tractor-like dependability, and dogged pragmatism, Volvos had about as much erotic charm as the package that your fridge arrived in. But they were solid. This was beneficial for the brand.

But then Volvo attempted to go upmarket into space traditionally occupied by BMW and Mercedes, with varied success. There were a handful of good moments, such as the quirky small C30 and the slender C70, but generally speaking, Volvo’s attempt to explore new ideas was not very successful.

The Swedes then appeared out of nowhere with a streamlined and attractive design that was essentially Alexander Skarsgard with four wheels. This caused quite a stir in the automotive world. Everything, from the V70 and V90 wagons to the wildly popular XC90 crossover and the brand-new XC40, looks just amazing. When paired with nerdy car accessories Volvos can be as nerdy as can be.

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Pontiac Aztek

This Pontiac crossover has been used as a joke ever since the moment it was released into the industry, and with good reason. The Aztek, which was widely mocked for its ridiculous appearance and especially bizarre frontal end, was commonly invoked as an example of the dangers of engineering by commission. It was a major flop, and it felt like it would be cast to the historic dustbin.

On the other hand, due to the fact that it was such a failure, the Aztek ended up being the ideal mode of transportation for the hapless laboratory instructor Walter White, who, in the critically acclaimed television show Breaking Bad, ascended to stardom in the criminal underworld.

People began buying them like hotcakes all of a sudden once the goofy Aztek became the focus of the public’s attention. It is not cool at all, but being cynically cool is great, and being sarcastically cool is the first step toward collectability.

Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer is a retro vehicle with a wood-paneled interior that was released at the very tail end of the SUV frenzy. It was a little too reminiscent of the 1970s, with the fake wood trim and the basic inside; as a result, it was never nearly as hip as the trucks that came after it.

This also had some nerdy car seat covers. People just forgot about the Wagoneer as a result of the increases in the cost of petrol. But in the world of SUVs right now, we’re seeing a really peculiar development. Off-road vehicles from the past are quite valuable.

It seems as if the Wagoneer has simply come into its prime. When it comes to these artifacts, the cost is not an issue, with repairs often surpassing the six-figure threshold in price. When it was first introduced, the Wagoneer was nothing more than a daydreamer.


The Lexus LS400 is an exquisitely crafted Japanese interpretation of Germanic luxury. The LS400 was the solid assumption, but it also had about as much excitement as chocolate icing. These days, Lexus seems to be the only manufacturer still generating high-performance automobiles with a naturally aspirated internal combustion engine.

The company is known for producing vehicles like the LFA-infused RC 500. It is a beast, and the rumors of an F-designation leading example, with Aston Martin-beating capabilities, demonstrate just how much the company has transformed over the last few years.

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The boat that travels the fastest on land is also the automobile that travels the quickest on water. These are not desirable qualities in a qualifying set. Nevertheless, the oddball little Amphicar had a cult following that was strong enough to keep a handful of them going strong over the years, and there always appears to be a fresh barn find every once in a while.

The aftermarket for collectors has certainly elevated their status from that of a simple novelty item when they were first introduced. If you don’t have an Amphicar, you can’t say that you’ve got everything there. Due to the fact that it is the crown jewel of the collecting world, there is a high level of demand for it throughout a large portion of the industry.

Every Subaru car

Like the Volvos that were previously ranked at the very top of our list, Subaru has traditionally been known for producing reliable and unimaginative oddball automobiles. The Forester resembled a toaster in appearance. The Outback was essentially the Japanese equivalent of the all-terrain Vista Cruiser. As a result of the fact that they were not the typical option, Subarus were known as the Birkenstocks of the automotive world.

After that, seemingly out of nowhere, the carefree demeanor began to garner more and more admiration. Camping fans of the millennial generation would benefit greatly from a product like the Crosstrek. The Forester was designed for families who dressed in Gore-Tex. Boomers who like cross-country skiing and had the financial means to do just about anything were drawn to the Outback. The nerdy car decals on foresters also did not help its coolness.

DeLorean DMC-12

The DMC-12 was a stainless-steel wedge of destined failure that was released in the 1980s. It had little performance, was unstable, and had an odd-looking riding level. The impression of the Back to the Future series, which once again created some fairly geeky followers, was the only reason it managed to stay popular.

Nevertheless, at some point throughout the course of the preceding five years, DeLorean collectors began to have some actual money with which to play. Companies began appealing to them, manufacturing iterations of the rear-mounted V6 that really gave adequate power, and redesigning the damper so that it sat correctly on the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz 240D

When it comes to the diesel-powered 240D, the true extravagance is having a lot of additional time to arrive where you’re headed. This is due you’ll be traveling at a level of pace that is often designated for seafloor spreading. For a considerable amount of time, the W123-chassis Mercedes was seen as the kind of automobile that a grumpy old German banker would drive.

It was drab, boring, and unpleasant all at the same time. The 240D, however, all of a sudden drew the attention of the grunge population, which is something that takes place in communities all throughout North America.

Suddenly, hot boiled sauerkraut took the place of avocado toast as the essential food item for a life of lazing about in Los Angeles. Due to the high demand for W123s, there are now restoration businesses that focus only on these vehicles.

BMW M3 E30

It has always been a pretty rare item, but the BMW box-flared DTM racer can be driven on the road. Have you ever attempted to convey elevated pistons, close-ratio transmissions, or even aerodynamics to the typical person? If so, you probably observed that your expression became blank and your eyes started to roll back in your head.

And despite the fact that it only had four cylinders and was swiftly overpowered by future models of the M3, the BMW E30 remained for a while the preferred selection for automobile enthusiasts. Not at this time, of course.

Porsche 911 996-model

Even while a rising tide lifts all boats, there is still at least one nice Porsche boat anchor floating around out there. The 996-chassis 911 is often regarded as the least desirable model in the 911 lineup. It is notorious for having an intermediate shaft bearing that is prone to failure and an animal-faced frontal end that is difficult to like.

Nevertheless, there are alternative remedies available for the latter, and at the end of the day, it’s still a Porsche. The cabin of the current model of the Porsche 911 is quite awful, but the car is easy to drive, has a lot of peps, and is easily comprehended by independent technicians.

It is not as long-lasting or desirable as earlier models, but the 996 has made a resurgence as the Porsche model that is within most people’s price range. If you can afford it, the Turbo version is well worth the upgrade.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

When Chrysler originally unveiled the PT Cruiser, many car enthusiasts applauded the vehicle for having an appearance that was influenced by the cars of the past. However, geeks were quick to point out how unattractive it was. This did not take long.

The convertible model was an even bigger disappointment. The roof of the PT Cruiser was removed, which meant that the vehicle’s mechanical performance was significantly reduced. Therefore, in order to resolve the problem, the designers at Chrysler installed a hideous roll hoop directly in the middle of the vehicle, between the front and the back seats.

Yugo GV

In communist-ruled Yugoslavia, the Yugo was constructed, which is already a bad indication. Designers concentrated only on making sure the Yugo could travel from point A to point B since they wanted it to be cheap for everyone. After that, the rest was a minor footnote.”

Polymer elements were protruding from every nook and cranny on the inside, making the appearance even more unappealing. The Yugo couldn’t even be moved by a 1.1-liter engine with 55 horsepower. In spite of its problems, the Yugo made it to the United States.

Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto was first released in the early 1970s in response to the rising demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient automobiles in the subcompact segment. The Pinto was not a very terrible automobile; but, because of its unpredictability, it is often included in lists of the worst automobiles. The Pinto had a propensity for igniting spontaneously in the event that it was struck from behind, which might result in severe injuries and possibly fatalities.

Suzuki X-90

The X-90 was a compact SUV with only two seats. On paper, the plan had a lot of potentials, but when the X-90 was released, everyone saw how flawed it really was. The X-90 was neither easy to use in everyday life nor fun to drive in a sports setting. It was also rather unsightly, particularly due to the fact that it was difficult to determine which side was the front. ​​​​​​​

Reliant Robin

The Robin was able to attain a peak speed of 85 miles per hour, had a fuel efficiency of 70 miles per gallon, and was constructed out of fiberglass, making it very lightweight. However, in order to maintain control of the vehicle at such high speeds, the driver would need to keep the vehicle moving in a straight path since any sharp twists would most likely cause the vehicle to flip over.

Additionally, when the vehicle was moving, the steering wheel would suddenly detach itself. This vehicle’s appearance on the hit program Mr. Bean, in which it was repeatedly wrecked in various ways by the title character, is largely credited for catapulting it to the forefront of public consciousness.

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