Ford 302 Hei Distributor Firing Order [With Diagram]

Ford 302 hei firing order doesn’t have anything to do with the wholesaler.  The genuine circumstance of firing order is a bunch of spark light wires. A few of the issues regarding the ford 302 hei firing orders are no balancer marks and no exact timing tab. The highlights of this distributor make it perfect and amazing. The synchronized air flow and the spark lights reduce heat and make this distributor a must-purchase.

Firing order 2024

  • Firing order: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8.

Explanation of the ford 302 hei firing order engine diagram?  

Being little in size this distributor is probably going to fit well. Also, the lightweight of this item makes it simple and convenient. The ford 302 hei firing order is awesome. The power given by this distributor is amazing. An outer coil with 0.5 to 1 OHM power is expected to make this distributor run well.

This ford 302 hei distributor firing order includes a mechanical development that changes the distributor without any problem. This item has an advanced vacuum for further developed road mileage and an independent superior module. Overall the expanded result of the inside start smooths out the engine and gives a much higher RPM range.

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Torque Specifications

Fastener Type Torque Spec
Main Cap Bolts 95-105 ft.-lbs.
Connecting Rod Bolts 40-45 ft.-lbs. (45-50 ft.-lbs. for Boss 351C)
Cylinder Head Bolts (Follow factory torque sequence) 105 ft.-lbs. (125 ft.-lbs. for Boss 351C)
Rocker Arms (Non-adjustable) 18-22 ft.-lbs.
5/16 in. Intake Manifold Bolts 21-25 ft.-lbs.
3/8 in. Intake Manifold Bolts 28-33 ft.-lbs.
Oil Pump Bolt 25 ft.-lbs.
Cam Bolts 40-45 ft.-lbs.
Cam Thrust Plate Bolts 9-12 ft.-lbs.
Harmonic Damper Bolt 70-90 ft.-lbs.
Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts 75-85 ft.-lbs.
Pressure Plate Bolts 35 ft.-lbs.
Front Cover Bolts 12-18 ft.-lbs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford 302 hei firing order?

A few of the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford 302 hei firing order are listed below:


The larger shaft for expanded strength is very beneficial. It is very economical. It has advanced features and is amazing in quality. It also works very efficiently.


There are a few disadvantages of the Ford 302 hei distributor firing order which need to be resolved so the distributor can work properly. The wires that are associated with male terminals are acknowledged. Because of this people find it a bit challenging to change the distributor.

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