Ford Edge Years to Avoid [Best & Worst Time Period]

For most of the new models, the Edge needed to go through a few developing figures that worked out very well. Motor and brake issues were normal in both 2007 and 2008 Edge models. Also, that is referencing the different issues which we will go into later.

These vehicles could have been raced into form before they were prepared. Also a couple of model years, issues started coming back up in 2011, with some motor issues, brake issues, and transmission. Yet the most widely recognized issue detailed was a defective sensor.

Many years need to be avoided. Proper research and survey have been done to create a report that mentions the issues regarding the vehicles.

First-generation Edge years to avoid

  • Years to avoid 2011-2012
  • Best Years 2008-2010

There have been various issues detailed with the Edge 2011 model. The most important issues are the electrical issues, motor issues, and inside and brakes issues. Electrical issues can bring about various issues, including the Edge’s door not locking or opening appropriately. Also, the radio was not working, and the GPS route system failed.

One of the major issues to avoid Edge 2012 is the door light remaining on even if the vehicle is locked.  Brakes issues have been the transmission slipping as well as facing issues while changing the gear or brake.

Second-generation Edge years to avoid

  • Years to avoid 2013-2015-2016
  • Best Years 2014-2017

If you are planning to buy a Ford Edge, it’s very important to be aware of the important issues that have been shown in the 2013 model. One of the most important issues is the vehicle’s brakes. A few drivers have complained of a delicate brake pedal. Another complaint is that drivers at times hear rattling voices when he applies the brakes.

The Edge 2015 model is a solid SUV, there have been a few reports of issues with the vehicle. One of the major issues is that numerous owners have filed complaints regarding the little space and fewer features in terms of the cost of the vehicle.

One of the biggest issues with the Edge 2016 model is that there have been complaints of jerking. There have been multiple issues with the information system, especially with the touch screen freezing or getting stuck.

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Edge faults by year

Years  Faults 
2011 55
2012 65
2014 24
2015 60
2016 16
2017 13
2019 09

What are the Best Years of Ford edge?

The upgrades from 2008 to 2009  improved things as the quantity fell by around 90% between the second and third year of creation on the Edge. The most widely recognized issue revealed for the 2009 Edge managed the brakes. While this might appear to be a bigger issue as brakes are crucial for a protected working vehicle.

There were just three objections: two said the pedal was hard, and a third said the pedal was terrible. This is not just the case related to brakes neglecting to stop the vehicle. 2010 saw a couple of additional serious issues which included, the motor slowing down or a faulty brake making the pedal harder to push down on and apply the brakes.

Edge years to avoid 

  • Ford Edge 2011
  • Ford Edge 2012
  • Ford Edge 2013
  • Ford Edge 2015

What are the motor Issues?

The issues with the motor would happen pretty late in the vehicle’s life, and there were still far fewer issues than in earlier years. After a facelift for the 2011 model year, the Ford Edge had much more issues until the last year of this age.

There were a couple of issues regarding the failing sensor. However, the reports of this issue went from the triple digits over the most recent couple of years to single digits for 2014. The other most normal issues were the radio not working in every case. However, 2014 isn’t an Edge model year to avoid from.

What are some common issues with Edge? 

As you all know there are a few models that need to be avoided because of their multiple issues. Here are a few important issues of Edge that can easily be resolved if you focus on them.

  1. One of the most important issues is that it has faulty airbags. In case of any emergency, they don’t open but when you purchase the vehicle they charge you for those airbags as well. If airbags don’t open passers’ life can be very risky stake.
  2. Another common issue is the defective brake booster. During driving, you will continuously be hearing weird voices from the brakes. These noises will automatically divert your mind and can have a higher chance of getting into a serious accident. So if brakes are not functioning propellers it means your vehicle is of no use.
  3. Another issue with Edge is that at times the door light doesn’t get off. This clearly shows that there is some issue with the electrical system. If you ask some professional to repair it he charges $400 for it which is very expensive. These problems are especially found in Ford Edge models from 2011 to 2013 models.

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