Ford Explorer Years to Avoid 【Best & Worst Times】

Throughout the 1991 generation year, Ford Automotive Manufacturing has produced the Explorer family of SUVs. The Explorer, Ford’s first four-door Vehicle, replaced the Bronco II, the company’s previous two-door SUV. Among the present Ford light-truck lineup, the Explorer is positioned among the Edge and Adventure models.

Explorer gets its namesake from a trim option that was once available on Ford’s F-Series monster trucks, much as the Dragoon and Ranger Raptor do.  The Explorer, now in its fifth generation, has features available in a variety of wheelbase and engine configurations. A model-specific platform was used for the third and fourth editions after the first two versions were based on the Ford Ranger.

The fifth version was marketed as a CUV, using a platform derived from the Ford Taurus. According to the reports, the Explorer lasts longer than the other SUVs. The 4.0 L Frankfurt V6 that replaced the 2.9L V6 in the Broncos II was similar to the Ford Aerostar and the Trooper. The Explorer was released with 155 horsepower.

Mazda’s M5OD five-speed manual gearbox was the default, although a Ford four-speed A4LD overload automated powertrain was available as an optional. Boosted to 160 horsepower, the engine’s performance was enhanced for 1993. Before buying any of the generations make sure you check the explorer years to avoid Reddit.

First-generation Explorer years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  1994-1995
  • Best years  1990-1993

If you are a fan of SUVs make sure you check the avoiding years of the Nissan Explorer, main issues with the first generation were the exterior body and paint quality. The quality of body material was very low and could get a dent with a very slight hit. These were known to be the worst years for explorers.

The initial year of these models was known to be very reliable with many new features such as the 6-gear transmission. The AC/heater of the car was made the best with suitable AC coolant.

Second-generation  Explorer years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2003-2005
  • Best years  1995-2002

Considering the issues of the second-generation Explorer which include the failure of brake pads and steering rotation issues, this issue somehow also affects the mileage of the vehicle hence consuming more fuel.

The second generation came with the recall of suspensions and making them even softer, rear and the back. However, there were some common problems with the Explorer.

Third-generation Explorer years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2010
  • Best years  2006-2009

The third generation came with the problem of losing power when the car is standing in park mode. Some of the drivers have experienced this problem during driving as well, this issue is linked with the engine, and engine issues are never normal and required a high expense level.

The sunroof was first introduced in these years, this was one major feature that created a lot of hype in the market. Interior quality was very great and fine leather was the first time used on the dashboard.

Fourth-generation Explorer years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2016-2019
  • Best years  2011-2015

This generation came with some major safety issues, these are the must explorer model years to avoid. There was a very limited amount of airbags and tire grip was even worse than before.

Since these were released in the modern years there were many technological advancements made which include all the electric side mirrors, headlight rotation, and display panel viewing all the features.

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Explorer faults by year 

Years  Faults 
1995 56
2003 64
2004 39
2005 44
2010 29
2016 38
2017 17
2018 46
2019 55

Explorer years to avoid 

  • Ford Explorer 1995
  • Ford Explorer 2003
  • Ford Explorer 2005
  • Ford Explorer 2018
  • Ford Explorer 2019

Why was the 2004 model of Explorer meant to be a failure?

Several faults with the Explorer 2004 vehicle year have been reported. These include engine stopping, gearbox troubles, and braking and chassis issues. Furthermore, numerous Explorer buyers have stated that the sunroof and sealants surrounding the glass are prone to leakage.

In certain circumstances, the car may not be secure to operate because of these issues. In response to the problems, several Explorer buyers have decided to either sell or swap in their vehicles instead of coping with them.

How did the transmission failure affect these models?

The transmissions of several Ford Explorers have been identified as malfunctioning. Difficulties with changing gears, such as the car “plunging” outside of gear or declining to engage the gear, are among the most common. The transmission may terminate completely in rare instances.

As a rapid lack of energy might make it impossible to steer the car, these issues can be exceedingly hazardous to the driver. This might be a costly repair since the gearbox may have to be rebuilt. To avoid these issues in the future, Explorer buyers are advised to get their cars evaluated by a professional technician immediately upon notice of any issues.

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Which model of the Explorer has the most repetition of faults?

Explorer’s 2004 model year must be included on the list of the most unreliable models. Transmission issues and exterior panel cracks persist, despite only receiving 1,400 NHTSA reports and four recalls. It failed miserably in NHTSA accident tests as well.

During the test, the 4X4 was not tipped over. A high-speed collision has a 22.8 percent probability of it happening. As a result, there is a 28.3 percent probability that the 4X2 will roll over. Also, the operator’s door came open throughout the lateral collision testing.

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