Gm 350 Firing Order [With Diagram]

The Gm 350 firing order is a V8 motor. You can’t simply fire everything up. It should be finished in proper order so different cylinders warm-up and match up with one another in a specific way. Multi-cylinder engines are made to have a properly planned firing order to adjust the engine, and limit vibrations. Also, it protects the engine life and drivers’ safety.

Get your 350 firing order and driving your 350 will want to pass through the smoothest and most responsive vehicles of all time. Every owner has a customized firing order for the engine. The Gm firing order is different from the others. To get your 350 working at its most extreme potential, you should have to retain the firing order of the little block engine.

GM 350 Firing Order

  • Firing Order: 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2

Explanation of the 350 firing order engine diagram?   

The 350 has a place with the small block motor family. They are classified as small blocks or SBC because they are more modest than big block container engines. Also, the accurate sequence of 350 firing orders is like this 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

This is properly linked and shows that cylinder 1 turns on first, then cylinder 8, then 4, etc until all cylinders have been fired in a specific order. Cylinders are requested with a specific goal for mechanics and to differentiate them once they come out of the factory.

The firing order applies to

The 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 firing order applies to all small block engines, such as:

  • 262 Chevy
  • 267 Chevy
  • 265 Chevy
  • 283 Chevy
  • 302 Chevy
  • 305 Chevy
  • 307 Chevy
  • 327 Chevy
  • 350 Chevy (5.7 vortec)
  • 400 Chevy

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Torque Specifications

U.S.Standards forBolt DimensionsGrade: Tensile:
Bolt Diameter (in.)Threads per inchDecimal EquivalentBolt HeadDry
1/4 stud20/28250--
5/16 stud18/243125--
1/2 stud13/20500--

How does it perform?

As cylinders are properly organized and managed. All four tires work properly when the engine is linked with them. As it shows that the front right cylinder is 1. As every cylinder is linked with other odd numbers to make the engine work properly.

There are multiple substitutes as well ranging from most left to most right. To make it simpler always remember that the driver-side cylinders are odd, and traveler-side cylinders are even.

V8 Firing Order Explained

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