Honda Civic Tire Pressure [Recommended By Honda]

In 2008 Civic tires can make you deal with unfortunate incidents and a decreased economy. Always check the tire pressure regularly and save up the right tire filling for the Civic

What PSI does the Honda recommend?  

The authentic recommended tire pressure for the 2008 Civic depends upon the vehicle and its features. You can also get to learn more about the Civic tire pressure by reading the guide or manual. As 2008 Civic tire pressure will be kept in psi, bar, or kPa. Civic might have different recommended tire pressure settings for front and rear wheels, especially if it is linked with staggered tires

Below are a few tables that will tell you the PSI and rear pressure of the tires according to the research survey years.

2008 Civic 1.3H

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
195/65 R15 89S         32 psi         32 psi
195/60 R16  90H         29 psi         29 psi
205/50 R17 90H         30 psi         30 psi

2008 Civic 2.0i

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
215/45 R17 87V         32 psi         29 psi
215/45 ZR17 91W         32 psi         29 psi
225/40 ZR18 90W         33 psi         36 psi

2008 Civic 1.8i

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
195/65 R15 89H         30 psi         29 psi
205/55 R16 89H         32 psi         32 psi
225/50 R16 91V         30 psi         30 psi

How to check the 2008 Honda Civic tire pressure? 

Before checking the 2008 Civic tire pressure make sure you are aware of its authentic pressure. Before driving in cold weather make sure to check your tire firing if your vehicle has not been driven for a long period.

You can easily change the tire pressure to the original tire pressure by just linking it with a tire inflator. Make sure to follow all the major steps and methods to apply tire load filling tables while changing Civic tires to find authentic tire pressure for new tires.

How does 2008 Honda Civic tire pressure survive weather conditions?  

As you all know that every vehicle is different from another likewise their tire pressure is also going to be different. As in the 2008 Honda Civic, the tire pressure changes according to the temperatures. When the temperatures get low the tire loses its 1 PSI.

During the winter season tires usually get expanded and change their size. They can easily expand 3 to 5 PSI. Make sure to never over-blow up above the psi displayed on the tire sidewall. Make sure to double-check the tire pressure before driving so it can keep you and the driver safe.

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