Jeep Compass Tire Pressure [Recommended PSI]

Jeep tire pressure needs to be checked routinely, Continuously check your pressure for two hours in the wake of leaving the vehicle. Always make sure you routinely look at the well-being of the parts to guarantee an ideal seal that can give longer life. Check the pressure of your additional tire when having your 4 wheels checked. The expansion pressure may also need to be raised in winter when the temperature is cold.

What is the Recommended Jeep Compass Tire Pressure? 

The recommended compass tire pressure is 33psi which is equivalent to 230kPa or 2.3bar.  It is compulsory to continuously check the tire pressure of your vehicle much of the time before going on an outing, regardless of whether you anticipate driving significant distances. In case your vehicle has not been started for a long time and you are planning to go on longer outings, it could be smart to check the air pressure in your tires before leaving.

2022 Compass Tire Pressure

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
215/65R16 98H         35 psi         32 psi
215/65R17 99S         35 psi         –  psi
215/55R18 99T         35 psi         –  psi

2021 Compass Tire Pressure

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
215/65R16 98H         35 psi         32 psi
215/65R17 99S         35 psi         32 psi
225/55R18 98H         35 psi         32 psi

2020 Compass Tire Pressure

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
235/45R19 95H         35 psi         35 psi
225/60R17 99V         35 psi         35 psi
225/55R18 98H         35 psi         35 psi

How to Check a jeep compass tire pressure monitoring system?

Compass is outfitted with a jeep compass tire pressure monitoring system which alarms you when tire pressure is lower than the suggested psi. Make sure to always check it twice or thrice every month even if you are using the vehicle or not.

The TPMS will set off an advance notice light on the instrument board when a tire’s pressure falls below the suggested level or on the other hand assuming there is an unexpected pressure drop, showing that at least one tire needs consideration.

What is the compass tire pressure in winter? 

While checking tire pressure, remember that external temperatures affect the tire’s inside pressure. The expansion of 0.2 bar to winter tires is likewise encouraged. It is recommended to check the Jeep tire pressure regularly.

Uninflated tires can impact your vehicle by losing grasp or slowing down proficiency. Moreover, it has been shown that a flat tire loses its strength and its future by 20% for each 0.5 bar beneath the suggested filling pressure.

Is there any Manual Method to check the jeep compass tire pressure? 

You can check your tire pressure physically by utilizing a tire inflator. Don’t always rely on tire pressure sensors. In case you feel there’s some issue you need to check it quickly and diligently. As they get exhausted over the long run and can turn out to be mistaken.

To check your tire pressure, utilize a precise tire pressure measure and blow up each tire to the suggested PSI.  For instance, assuming your vehicle’s manual shows that you need to keep the compass tire pressure up the tire at 33 PSI, then you would need to expand each tire to 33 psi.

How to Reset the TPMS on Jeep Compass? 

Jeep Compass TPMS can be easily reset in a variety of ways. You can use the TPMS button or you can utilize a scanning instrument. For a jeep compass or tire pressure reset you need to operate the TPMS button, begin by turning on your vehicle then. After that, press and hold the TPMs button for around five seconds.

The TPMS light will switch off when the system is reset. You can also reset it by scanning tools. Make sure you interface the output instrument to the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Select the tire pressure menu and then choose the alarming system. After that follow the output system instructions. The system will gain proficiency with the new sensor IDs and mood killer the TPMS light.

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