Kia Soul Years to Avoid 【Best to Worst Listed】

We have compiled a list of models that you need to avoid if you don’t want to deal with problems of Kia Soul. This list has been made after carefully testing the reliability of each generation by the year of the Kia Soul.

We have also compared it with other models of the same car or of the same company such as best Kia Soul model, Kia Soul reliability reddit, and Kia Soul engine recall. You can find out the most reliable year/model of Kia Soul below:

Kia Soul’s Years to Avoid

You need to avoid Kia Soul Year Models 2010,2012, and 2014. There have been a lot of issues reported within these models and we recommend avoiding them at all costs. Otherwise, you can face a lot of issues.

Kia Soul’s Best Years

The best and most reliable years for Kia Soul are 2017, 2019, and 2020. These models are considered to give you the least amount of headaches and have very high consumer ratings.

Kia Soul faults by year

YearsNumber of Faults

What Year Did Kia Soul have Engine Problems?

There were numerous model years when the Kia Soul’s engine had issues. 2010 to 2015 are prominent model years when engine problems have been noted. These issues included everything from excessive oil use to engine failure. Not all vehicles from these model years were impacted, and Kia frequently addressed these concerns through recalls and warranty fixes.
It is advised to have a pre-purchase check performed by a reliable mechanic to determine the vehicle’s condition if you are thinking about purchasing a used Kia Soul from any of these model years.

Is Kia Soul Fuel Efficient?

Depending on the model and engine selection, the Kia Soul delivers varied degrees of fuel efficiency. The Kia Soul’s fuel economy can be categorized as average for its class. In comparison to older models, the newer generation Kia Soul models often offer improved fuel efficiency. This is especially true of those with smaller turbocharged engines or hybrid/EV powertrains.
It’s crucial to remember that real fuel efficiency will rely on a variety of variables, including driving style, road conditions, and vehicle maintenance. More precise information can be found by looking at the official EPA fuel economy figures for particular model years and engine choices.

Is the Kia Soul High Maintenance?

In comparison to other cars in its class, the Kia Soul’s maintenance requirements are typically regarded as ordinary. The Kia Soul needs routine maintenance to stay in good working order, just like any other car. This includes regular maintenance procedures including brake inspections, tire rotations, and oil and filter changes.
The price of maintenance may differ based on elements including the age of the car, mileage, and labour costs in the area. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, and refer to the owner’s manual for further maintenance instructions.

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