Here Are The Mazda 3 Years To Avoid 【Updated 2023】

We have compiled a list of models that you need to avoid if you don’t want to deal with the problems of Mazda 3. This list has been made after carefully testing the reliability of each generation by the year of the Mazda 3.

We have also compared it with other models of the same car or of the same company such as which Mazda 3 model is the best, Mazda 3 reliability, and Mazda 3 best year reddit. You can find out the most reliable year/model of Mazda 3 below:

Mazda 3’s Years to Avoid

You need to avoid Mazda 3 Year Models 2010,2012,2014, and 2016. There have been a lot of issues reported within these models and we recommend avoiding them at all costs. Otherwise, you can face a lot of issues.

Mazda 3’s Best Years

The best and most reliable years for Mazda 3 are 2018, and 2019. These models are considered to give you the least amount of headaches and have very high consumer ratings.

Mazda 3 faults by year

YearsNumber of Faults

What is the Main Problem with Mazda3?

The possibility of gearbox difficulties, especially in some model years, is one of the biggest drawbacks with the Mazda3. Shift-related issues, early failures, and even complete gearbox failure have been observed by some owners. This has been noticed in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Mazda3 model years, among others. It’s important to note that not all Mazda3 cars have these gearbox faults, and routine maintenance and fast response to any problems can help reduce possible concerns.

Are 2013 Mazda 3 Reliable?

The 2013 Mazda 3 has a reputation for being a dependable car. It’s crucial to remember that a car’s reliability might vary depending on its maintenance history, driving style, and general level of care. The handling, general build quality, and fuel economy of the 2013 Mazda 3 were highly praised. To assure the condition and dependability of a used car, it is advised to have a comprehensive check and review of the maintenance records before making a purchase.

Which Model of Mazda 3 is Fuel Efficient?

With regard to different model years, the Mazda 3 is renowned for its fuel efficiency. But the fuel efficiency of some particular variants has received special attention. The Skyactiv-G engine models that were first released in 2012 and later years were created with the goal of maximizing fuel efficiency while preserving performance.

Additionally, the Mazda 3 vehicles made in 2019 and after that including the Skyactiv-X engine and mild hybrid technology have better fuel economy. It’s important to remember that real gasoline usage varies depending on a variety of variables, including road conditions, vehicle maintenance, and individual driving styles.

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