Here Are The Mazda CX9 Years To Avoid [Best to Worst]

We have compiled a list of models that you need to avoid if you don’t want to deal with problems of Mazda CX-9. This list has been made after carefully testing the reliability of each generation by the year of the Mazda CX-9.

We have also compared it with other models of the same car or of the same company such as Mazda cx-9 life expectancy, Mazda cx-9 recalls and problems, and Mazda cx-9 reliability reddit. You can find out the most reliable year/model of Mazda CX-9 below:

Mazda CX-9’s Years to Avoid

You need to avoid Mazda CX-9 Year Models 2007,2010 and 2012. There have been a lot of issues reported within these models, and we recommend avoiding them at all costs. Otherwise, you can face a lot of issues.

Mazda CX-9’s Best Years

The best and most reliable years for Mazda CX-9 are 2016,2018,2020 and 2022. These models are considered to give you the least amount of headaches and have very high consumer ratings.

Mazda CX-9 Faults by Year

YearsNumber of Faults

How Long Will Mazda CX-9 Last?

A Mazda CX-9 may endure well over 200,000 miles with regular maintenance and care. Numerous owners have stated that their CX-9s have lasted ten or more years. However, a number of variables, such as road conditions, maintenance routines, and individual usage, can affect a vehicle’s longevity. A Mazda CX-9’s lifespan can be increased by adhering to the suggested maintenance schedule, taking care of any problems right once, and adopting safe driving practices.

Is a Mazda CX-9 Reliable?

The Mazda CX-9 is typically regarded as a trustworthy SUV. For its general durability, build quality, and performance, it has garnered favourable reviews. Automobiles made by Mazda are known for being dependable and fun to drive. Like every car, there can be isolated instances of problems or complaints.

A Mazda CX-9’s dependability can be increased by performing routine maintenance and swiftly addressing any issues. Before making a purchasing decision, it is always advised to do some research on certain model years and look through the history of the car.

Is Mazda CX-9 Fuel Efficient?

The Mazda CX-9’s fuel economy varies according to factors like the engine selection, road conditions, and individual driving habits. Although the CX-9 has competitive fuel efficiency for its class, this aspect of its fuel efficiency is not frequently praised.
The CX-9’s greater size and powerful engines help it perform well, but they may cause it to have slightly less fuel efficiency than smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Reviewing the precise fuel efficiency numbers for the model and engine configuration that interest you are advised.

Jake Mayock