Ford Fiesta Tire Pressure [Correct PSI, KPA & Bar]

Ford Fiesta has tires of size 195/60 R15. They are the best tire pressure and it would be 32 PSI for additional safety and comfort level. Also less mileage or 36 PSI for a firmer but more fuel-efficient ride. You regularly need to check all tires on your Ford Tourneo Connect, including your extra tire, one time each month or before a long journey.

Tires can easily lose up to 1psi (0.06 bar) consistently. Make sure you always have purchased authentic tire pressure measures. It is mentioned in the manual when you purchase that you should always check your tire pressure in cold areas or check after 3 years of driving.

Through this, you can easily get to know the quality of your tire. When you hear the sound of psst it will tell you that air is getting away from the tire. As getting away from the air should not influence pressure considerably.

What PSI does Ford Fiesta tire pressure recommend? 

The recommendation for Fiesta front tire pressure is 32 PSI, and for back, the tire is 36 psi. Fiesta Car comes in 4 variants and you have to find the right tire pressure that should be filled in every one of the 4 tires.

As you all know that the air pressures need to be checked before either the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. For the driver and the vehicle’s safety, it is necessary to check the tire’s condition. Well-known tire makers that produce tires for Fiesta are MRF, CEAT, and Goodyear.

Below are a few tables that will tell you the PSI and rear pressure of the tires according to the research survey years.

Fiesta tire pressure 2024

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
205/45/r17 V 88 30 PSI/2.1 BAR 205/45/R17 V 88 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 2018

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
195/55/R16 V 88 30 PSI/2.1 BAR 195/55/R16 V 87 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 2014

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
195/50/R15 V 82 33 PSI/2.3 BAR 195/50/R15 V 82 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 2006

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
195/50/R15 H 82 29 PSI/2 BAR 195/50/R15 H 82 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 2002

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
175/65/R14 T 82 30 PSI/2.1 BAR 175/65/R14 T 82 26 PSI/1. 8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 1998

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
165/70/R13 T 79 30 PSI/2.1 BAR 165/70/R13 T 79 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

Fiesta tire pressure 1994

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Size Rear Tire Pressure
185/55/R14 H 80 26 PSI/1.8 BAR 185/55/R14 H 80 26 PSI/1.8 BAR

How to check the tire pressure on Ford Fiesta? 

If you want to check Fiesta tire pressure, always check all 4 tires, the front, and back tires. To check the pressure in a tire you need to take off tire valve covers and utilize a tire pressure measure to check the tire filling in each tire. Change Fiesta tire pressure to its suggested levels. Also, let some air out by pushing down the middle unclogger in the valve stem.

Then ensure all tires are appropriately filled with air. After that change the valve stem covers. Always check the tire pressure 3 hours before driving the vehicle. Also in case, you haven’t used your vehicle for a long time even then you need to check the tire pressure. Always remember that the filling of each tire can be different from one another so you don’t have to worry about that.

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What is the recommended tire pressure for Fiesta? 

The recommended tire pressure for the Fiesta tire ranges from PSI to 26 PSI. Every vehicle has a different ratio of air that can be filled in its tiers.

What is proper tire pressure for Fiesta replacement tires? 

If you change Ford Fiesta tire pressure with non-stock tires that have different sizes. New tires might require unique filling pressures. Utilize our tire pressure number cruncher to track down tire filling while changing to alternate tire size.

What is recommended winter tire pressure for Fiesta? 

Tire pressure changes according to the hot and cold temperatures. If you see that the temperature is decreasing then it means that tiers have lost their PSI. As in cold weather, it is mandatory not to fill all the tiers. Always leave some space so air can pass through it.

Always fill the air depending upon the weather condition. Don’t overinflate the tire filling pressure shown on the tire sidewall. Also, check tire pressure regularly in the colder time of year to keep tires appropriately expanded for a protected ride on snow and frosty streets.

Why is the Ford Fiesta tire pressure light on? 

Fiesta TPMS light at times gets stuck and stays on. This clearly shows that either there is some glitch in the electronic system or there is an issue in the tires that are underinflated.

As that TPMS light continues and off, fluctuating surrounding temperatures might be the explanation. These lights get on and off for about 90 seconds and after that, your vehicle is all set to move.

How to reset the tire pressure light on Fiesta? 

To properly reset the tire pressure, you must read through all the instructions mentioned in the manual. It will help you a lot in filling the air, to know the accurate range and PSI level of the tiers. Also, the tire pressure observing system won’t reset, there might be an issue with tire pressure sensors.

2012-16 Ford Fiesta tire pressure monitor reset procedure No special tools or scanners!

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