Subaru Forester Years to Avoid【Best & Worst Period】

For MY1998, Subaru unveiled the Forester with the Streega prototype at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, while the vehicle went on purchase to Japanese customers on December 1, 1997, and to the American industry on February 1, 1997. The second crossover wagon is based on Volkswagen’s concept. The Forester was constructed like a depot wagon but had a superior passenger height, an all-powertrain, and was influenced by the VW Beetle.

Subaru used the tagline “SUV strong, car simple” in their marketing. Bush Outback’s 2.5-liter four-piston orthodox powertrain from the Fiesta chassis was utilized to provide 123 kW of power and 220 Nm of performance at 4,500 pm. The first hatchback was known to be the best forester next year.

The Forester STi received several handling upgrades, notably STi sporting shocks, redesigned dampers at each wheel, and larger anti-roll brakes and cross-members, to deal with all the greater torque generated by the newer engine. With those modifications, the vehicle’s riding elevation dropped by a whole inch and its twisting strength was enhanced.

Although Forester’s greater center of gravity was reduced, sliding roughness was not. There were a total of 4 generations and forester reliability by year has increased.

The first generation of Forester years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  1998-2000
  • Best years  2001-2002

You should be avoiding the year’s model that is mentioned. The forester had some mechanical issues such as failure of bearing balls, rear-wheel had some problems and driver couldn’t shift into the drive mode. You should visit the Forester years to avoid Reddit to get to know more about the years that should be avoided.

This model with the best year was awarded as the car to be safest of all, the model year of 2001 and 2002 had received the least complaints.

The second generation of Forester years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2003-2006
  • Best years  2007-2008

Many people complained about the smell of fuel inside the car which is very disturbing. The body material used for the car was not so good and most of the places at the rear head and near tires got rusted within months. 3 airbags were located in the car which fails to work at the moment.

The best years of this model were the most reliable cars to be made in the second generation. The interior was made larger than before and a choice of manual and automatic transmission was offered.

The third generation of Forester years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2009-2010
  • Best years  2011-2013

Starting with the airbags, there was a great issue with airbags which have been recalled 7 times. The inflation of airbags blasts directly into the face. The headline of this model made it look more like a fat wagon and people didn’t like it.

The best years of this model were the most efficient cars to be made, they had swap engines which resulted in better engine performance and better fuel management. These models came with the fixture of the head gasket making its turbo.

The fourth generation of Forester years to avoid 

  • Years to avoid  2016-2018
  • Best years  2014-2015

The owner complained whenever they try to start the car they experience problems with the ignition. These are a must Forester model years to avoid for the fourth generation. The headlights were very smoky. A total of 300 complaints were received by the company including the over fuel consumption and also that the control legs of the passenger seats were very poor.

Although the best year model was meant to be very reliable and didn’t have the same issues as the previous generations. The windshield was made very strong with the good wind flow.

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Subaru Forester faults by year 

Years  Faults 
1998 78
1999 66
2000 25
2003 09
2004 11
2005 34
2009 55
2010 16
2013 03
2014 09
2015 11

Subaru forester years to avoid 

  • Subaru forester 1998
  • Subaru forester 1999
  • Subaru forester 2005
  • Subaru forester 2009

What is the one problem that most of the models have in common?

Automobile surging, a damaged gearbox, the vehicle rolling backward while stopped, and becoming trapped in the park are the greatest typical gearbox difficulties. When it came to dealing with these issues, they were handled mostly by manufacturers and sellers.

As a result of frequent electrical breakdowns, blown batteries, and caution message lights, the 2014 Forester generation year is the most dangerous to avoid. Even though they aren’t the most expensive solutions, there are always many additions that require to be addressed when there is one electricity problem. 2010 Subaru Forester problems were quite different than most of the other models.

What do reports say about the reliability of the 2007 Forester?

There is a significant issue with the general dependability of the 2017 Forester. Consumers Research gives it a dependability score of 2 out of 5. Numerous people have expressed concerns regarding the CVT transmission’s tendency to freeze when the vehicle is accelerated.

As a result of these fixes, Subaru has improved Forester’s powertrain performance, particularly the leaky PCV valve and high oil intake. The 2017 Forester is rated 5/5 by Consumers Reports for significant and moderate engine dependability. Main gearbox dependability received a perfect score of 5. In addition, there was just one airbag warning.

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