Subaru Outback Tire Pressure [PSI, KPA 2024]

The original Outback was a 5-seating wagon with four doors and a higher floor elevation. The Outback has been a huge hit for Subaru, thanks in part to its initial positioning as a more compact competitor to larger SUVs and crossovers.

The size of later models grew similar to crossovers. The Outback is only available with all-wheel drive, like all recent Subarus save for the BRZ. The technology is ideally suited for adverse weather and modest off-roading.

The Outback Sporting, derived from the Impreza sedan, was also available from Subaru for a short period. To ensure the consistent quality of the Outback, Subaru’s Lafayette, Indiana plant manufactures the vehicle. The Yokohama Avid GT is used by Subaru in a variety of dimensions.

Subarus are famed for their durability and dependability, but their layout might cause their tires to wear out more quickly than those of other automobile brands. 30,000 to 50,000 miles is the normal tire life for Subaru vehicles, although their all-wheel-drive technology might cause tires to wear out more quickly.

But if one keeps checking the  Subaru pressure kpa then there is a chance that the tire might last more than a kilometer.

2019 Subaru pressure

Size  Front pressure  Rear pressure 
225/60R18 100H 35 psi 33 psi
225/65R17 102H 35 psi 33 psi

What PSI does Subaru outback recommend?

The tire pressure recommendation for the Subaru Outback is 32 psi. 220 kPa and 2.2 bar are the corresponding pressures, a common oversight in car servicing is pressure. Decreased fuel efficiency and poor performance might be the outcome of underinflated tires.

When you have too much pressure on your tires, you run the danger of losing traction, having sluggish braking, and even having a blowout. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your Subaru, you should inspect and preserve the right pressure frequently. The user of the Subaru outback should keep an eye on the Subaru pressure display for any change in the pressure.

As traveling will heat the tires, getting an appropriate measurement of your pressure is usually done first thing in the morning. The actual numbers might change from item to item, so be sure to read your owner’s handbook.

An excellent opportunity to visually evaluate your tires comes with routinely monitoring the pressure in each of them. Your tires may benefit from a tire rotated if the surface seems out of balance. You need to be very careful with the Subaru pressure light staying on.

2017 Subaru pressure

Size  Front pressure  Rear pressure 
225/60R18 100H 35 psi 33 psi
225/65R17 102H 35 psi 33 psi

2018 Subaru pressure

Size  Front pressure  Rear pressure 
225/60R18 100H 35 psi 33 psi
225/65R17 102H 35 psi 33 psi

Do Subaru outback tires need air?

Yes, the Subaru Outback needs a minimum level of air of up to 32 PSI which needs to be maintained with the level of driving, after the launch of the 2020 Subaru people had to be more careful with the 2020 Subaru outback pressure since there was a great increase in the number of accidents due to lower pressure and blasting of tires on roads.

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How does temperature affect the Subaru outback tire?

Your Subaru tires’ pressure is affected by the climate because the quantity of the oxygen and nitrogen particles grows or contracts. Tire pressure will drop as a result of these modifications, and the detector will sound a warning to remind you to examine your tires.

Overheating tires may lead to blowouts because of the increased chance of a burst. When it’s hot outside, your tires’ air occupies up more capacity; when it’s cold, your tires’ air uses up less. As a result, when it’s cold outside, your vehicle’s software assumes that your tires need pressure.

Temp decreases 10 degrees down, and the inflating pressure of tires reduces by 1 to 2 psi. Throughout the initial 15 to 20 minutes of driving, the air in your tires will rise by one pound per square inch (psi) as the tires warm up. Thus the light indicator should be kept in sight so that you know when the Subaru outback tire pressure light needs to reset.

What should you do if your Subaru outback TPMS lights are on?

If your Subaru’s TPMS indicator comes on, it means that anyone or fewer of your tires are underinflated. If the external temperature has changed dramatically, this could perhaps be the consequence of a rupture or leakage.

As an illustration, the first very chilly evening in the fall, or the unexpectedly freezing temperatures in the spring. As a first step, we suggest checking all four tires visually to ensure that none of them seem to be thinner than the others.

Then, bring your car to Sommer’s Subaru so that they would examine the pressure and add gas if it’s necessary. Even if one of your tires is down, do not use it.

How can you reset your Subaru Outback tire pressure light?

Check the air of all of the tires before anyone attempts to reset a Subaru Outback’s tire air indicator. The precise PSI may be found in your owner’s handbook, however, it should fall between 33 and 35 PSI.

After that, you’ll be required to travel at least 25 mph for five to ten mins. You’re fine to go as long as the vehicle’s tires are properly filled. Check your tires’ PSI using a computerized pressure monitor purchased online or at a shop.

What type of tire does Subaru outback come with?

The Subaru outback 2020 comes with a Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tire, For the Subaru Outback, one of the best tires to choose from is the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady. SSC-certified, the WeatherReady Goodyear Confidence can withstand even the worst of winter climate circumstances with unwavering adhesion and gripping.

As a result, the WeatherReady by Goodyear is a true all-season tire. Water and snow may be quickly and easily drained from the surface face thanks to an unbalanced tread design with wide adhesion pockets.

Dreadlock Technique is also included in this tire. As you reach a tight, twisting bend, this will enable the wheel to interlock collectively, providing better grip and stability. The tread will also be able to expand broader on wet pavement to improve traction, thanks to the new technology.

How to Check Your Subaru Tire Pressure

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