Toyota Corolla Tire Pressure [All Corolla Models]

2010 Corolla tire pressure depends upon the size of the tire. If you change Corolla gear tires always be vigilant enough to follow steps on the manual according to the basic requirements. Toyota tires to find authentic tire pressure for new tires.

As the Toyota manual has all the important details mentioned. Various vehicles have different tire pressure, and involving the research makes the model more important. For Corolla, you need to utilize different tire pressures for the tires.

What PSI does Toyota recommend?

As you all know that the overall recommended tire pressure for the 2010 Corolla depends upon the owner’s manual. The manual is specifically designed keeping in mind the major features and characteristics. You can learn more about the Toyota Corolla recommended tire pressure through the manual thoroughly.

Toyota tire filling will be measured in kilopascals. Always fill the tires before starting any journey. As the tires won’t get damaged on rocky or bumpy roads. Below are a few tables that will tell you the PSI and rear pressure of the tires according to the research survey years.

2010 Corolla Tire Pressure

      Tire Size   Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
P195/65R15 89S         30 psi         30 psi
P205/55R16 89H         32 psi         32 psi
P215/45R17 87W         32 psi         32 psi

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How to check 2010 Corolla tire pressure? 

You can get confused that whether is it safe or not to drive a vehicle having low tire pressure. The basic response is no. When the tire pressure gets low, you will see more grinding between the street and the tire. Not exclusively will this influence your tires to wear out more rapidly? However, it might lead them to overheat. Low tire pressure is awful for gas mileage, as well.

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How does the 2010 Corolla tire pressure survive weather conditions?  

When temperatures get low the tires expand and the PSI of each tire reaches up to 1 PSI.

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