Ford Focus Tire Pressure [Correct PSI & KPA]

The Ford Focus is a tiny automobile that belongs to the C-segment in Europe. It was created by Ford Motor Company as part of Alexander Trotman’s Ford 2000 plan, which attempted to globalize vehicle production and market one small car all over the world. This plan was responsible for the creation of the vehicle.

The German and British design teams working for Ford of Europe were primarily responsible for the development of the original Focus. The Focus was first made available in Europe in July of 1998. People who are new to driving, people who live in urban areas, and people who are interested in the functionality of a hatchback or wagon are the kind of customers who have been buying the Ford Focus small vehicle for the last almost 20 years.

The Ford Focus comes in both a hatchback and a sedan body type, and it is economical, easy to run, and a joy to drive. Ford continues to provide an all-electric version of the Focus, in addition to providing purchasers with sportier variants of the car for those customers who desire more excitement.

2018 Focus pressure

All 2018 Focus tire pressure should be in the recommended range of 35-46 pounds per square inch for both front and rear tires.

SizeFront PressureRear Pressure
195/65R15 91H35 psi35 psi
215/50R17 91H35 psi35 psi
215/50R17/XL 95W35 psi35 psi

What PSI does Ford Focus recommend?

The recommended pressure for Ford Focus models from 2005 to 2018 ranges from 32 psi to 46 psi, depending on the model year, trim level, and size of the original equipment tires.
Ford Focus is a compact automobile available in eight trim levels, each with a different pair of standard tires.

The recommended pressure for a Ford Focus varies depending on the year, model trim, and size of the original equipment tires that came with the vehicle. See the table below for more information. For 2016 Ford Focus tires, it is very important to keep the tires inflated to the recommended levels.

Uneven and severe tire wear, poor handling, and decreased fuel efficiency may all result from low pressure and underinflation. Overinflating and underinflating tires may cause poor traction, sluggish braking, and even tire blowouts. You may save money on petrol and keep your insurance rates low if you frequently check your car’s pressure and maintain proper tire inflation.

2016 Focus pressure

All 2016 Focus tire pressure should be in the recommended range of 35-46 pounds per square inch for both front and rear tires.

What is the tire pressure monitoring system in ford focus?

A tire pressure monitoring system is a sensor system that is fitted in the Ford Focus automobile. This system provides a comprehensible number for the quantity of air that is contained inside each of the tires on your vehicle. The ford focus pressure display is in the dashboard.

In the event that the pressure monitoring system detects substantial deflation in any of the tires, other than the spare tire, it will notify the driver with an indicator light.

When the low-pressure indicator comes on, you need to pull over as soon as possible, examine your tires, and then inflate them to the level that Ford recommends for their pressure. Ford pressure alert lights up often when one or more tires have pressures that are 25 percent or more below the acceptable level.

2014 Focus pressure

Both the front and rear tires of your 2014 Ford Focus should have a pressure in the range of 35 to 39 pounds per square inch. This is the suggested range. To follow this 2014 focus tire pressure range is important for tire health.


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How to reset the tire pressure sensor system in ford focus?

Ford focus pressure sensor light won’t turn off in some situations. A decreased air pressure is present in the tire during cold weather, and after the tire has warmed up, this light should go off. Add a little amount of air to the tires to turn off the warning light, but be cautious not to over-inflate them.

Even if you’ve double-checked the pressures and found them to be accurate, the light may still be on because of a malfunctioning or dead pressure sensor module. There will be a requirement for a whole tire replacement in this instance. Navigating through a menu on your car’s display panel is the best way of resetting your Ford Focus’s pressure warning light.

Focus pressure sensor reset can be done by following the below steps:

  1. Select Settings by using the up or down arrow keys and pressing OK.
  2. Press the OK button to activate Driver Assist.
  3. Press OK when you’ve got to tire Monitor.
  4. Once you’ve done that, hit and hold the OK button.
  5. Keep your finger pressed firmly on the OK button until you see the message “Pressure Stored.”

The pressure sensor replacement is the only way if the above method does not work.

What causes a change in Focus tire pressure?

Tires expand when the air within them warms up after driving around for a time. As a direct consequence of the higher pressure, the TPMS warning light has been turned off. This causes tire pressure to fluctuate on its own. Tire pressure might also drop with time, which is another factor to consider.

These kinds of pressure shifts are to be expected in a Ford Focus. The pressure in your tires will vary as the temperature does, just as the pressure in your tires will change as the temperature does. In the same way, as tires warm up and expand when driven at high speeds for a long time, so does the air inside them.

What is the durability of ford focus tires?

In most cases, when you buy a new car from a dealership, the tires are covered by the tire manufacturer’s warranty, not by Ford or the David McDavid Ford dealership. Depending on the manufacturer, these Ford Focus tire warranties may range from 2 to 4 years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles in length and cover ordinary wear and tear.

Damages caused by potholes or any other roadside backup are often not covered by these policies. If you have any questions about your Ford Focus’s tire warranty, you should contact the tire manufacturer directly.

What is the price of ford focus tires?

The cost of tires may change quite a bit depending on the model and size of the tires that a customer wants to purchase. The price of a set of tires for a Ford Focus typically falls anywhere between $150 and $350; however, a set of performance tires may cost as much as $500 per tire.

In most cases, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on a set of tires for your vehicle; nevertheless, if you want more information on the cost of certain tires for your vehicle, you may call one of the knowledgeable Ford specialists.

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